Greetings Daylily Art Lovers


Mick Morry: The Artist

Mick's favourite medium is the coloured pencil

and all the works  currently on view on this site

are in coloured pencil, a much appreciated art form

 in vogue these days using state of the art coloured pencils

that have a durability on good art stock to last for centuries. 

 Mick has painted, and continues to paint,

 in a variety of media including oils, acrylics and watercolour,

but his favourite medium is coloured pencil. 

With coloured pencil you can produce almost life like images. 

 There is a waxiness in the pencil, and a level of control,

 that often cannot be reproduced by the brush,

 and it is a very effective medium for someone with a desire

 to accurately reproduce something from life.

  While most of Mick's work is not super realism,

some of his more recent works are.

Mick sells most of his original paintings, or gives them as presents.

All his current and future paintings will be reproduced

 as signed giclee limited edition prints,

canvas art prints, or as 5 x 7 cards (with envelopes).

  On the back of the cards he has produced to date

we simply put the name of the card/print

 (as for instance In Lambertson's Garden,

one line, by Mick Morry next line, coloured pencil medium) 

While his artistic passion is daylilies

he is able to work off photographs and he has reproduced

 various subjects with great success. 


Signed  Giclee  limited edition prints 

 of  the Daylily art on this site

are available for $95.00 Cdn each.

There will be 95 prints per Edition.

* Matrix Reloaded is only available  as a Note card.

* Nine Point Five will be limited to 50 prints.

Signed  Giclee  limited edition prints

of  Dr. Jerrold Corbett are available for  $225.00

* Dr. Jerrold Corbett will be limited to 50 prints.

*Signed  Giclee  limited edition prints of  Talladega

 are available  for $225.00 each.

*Talladega  will be limited to 250 prints.

Note cards (5 x 7 inches) are also

 available of the prints at  2  for  $5.00.


 ' MICK working on PRINCE JOHN '

e painting p






Jennifer Patterson - Private Collection - Jennifer Patterson

Matrix Reloaded - Private Collection - Ted Petit

In Lambertson's Garden - Private Collection - Lanny Morry

Prince John - Private Collection - Lanny Morry

Canadian Barnburner - Private Collection - Mick Morry

Tetra Peppermint Delight - Private Collection -  Lanny Morry

Dr. Jerrold Corbett - Private Collection - Pat Stamile

NNine Point Five - Private Collection - Ted Petitine

Avalonia  Ghostly Mostly  -  Private Collection - Lanny Morry

Talladega  - Private Collection - Pat Stamile







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